The Challenge Call: New Schizophrenic Summers

Yesterday I posted a poem entitled Emergence to our Schizophrenic summers category, which has been a graveyard filled with the remnants of submissions past for over a month now. Yes, Jessie and I became bored with the format — monthly poetry themes that we would arduously and obligingly toil over to submit, usually days after the end of the month (or sometimes not at all). And we have had precious few submissions from others (ahem! fellow poets).

But we cannot reasonably expect others to submit to a monthly theme that we barely participate in ourselves. It was time for a change. And I believe we have found an appropriate and much more invigorating use for this space. Continue reading “The Challenge Call: New Schizophrenic Summers”

Friday Write-Day: The Revision Plan


My short story has been submitted to Five on the Fifth’s contest! I read through Wolf’s Moon Night on Sunday night, making a few small changes, then again on Monday night. I finally worked up the courage to submit it on Tuesday, one day before the deadline. Submitting to a litmag — and particularly a contest — is daunting. Continue reading “Friday Write-Day: The Revision Plan”

Friday Update: Short Story First Draft!

My new schedule is awesome. I have a new schedule at work, by the way. For well over a year I had been trudging through an early shift, 6am to 3pm. I loved having a full afternoon of daylight ahead of me when I got home, and I even enjoyed being in the office a solid three hours before most everyone else — 3 hours of peace and quiet before the fluorescent lights blazed and the coffee machines were overrun with empty mugs waiting to be filled.

Continue reading “Friday Update: Short Story First Draft!”

Trump’s Next Business Venture Might be Terrifying


Okay, so I’m writing a Trump post. How original. But bear with me for a moment, because I had a crazy idea last week that has sounded less crazy in my head the more I’ve let it simmer.

The last couple of weeks have seen the addition of two eyebrow-raising figures to Trump’s inner circle. Roger Ailes, the former founder, chairman, and CEO of Fox News, joined Trump as an “advisor”, and no one can seem to figure out what the hell he’s supposed to be “advising” for Baby Hands. Then, Stephen K. Bannon, the chairman of Breitbart News, was appointed as the chief executive of Trump’s presidential campaign.

These alliances aren’t really surprising on their surface. Fox News jumped on the Trumpwagon as soon as it realized that Cruz just wasn’t quite sensationalist enough for its brand, and Breitbart is what Fox News would be after a two-month coke binge followed by a one-month molly bender, just to take the edge off. Both have leveraged Trump’s celebrity to push ad revenue (along with CNN, NBC, and every other news outlet), and Trump has leveraged them to incite his mostly white, mostly male, mostly bigoted, mostly paranoid support base into a fever pitch of borderline American Fascism.

So why are these appointments important or at all relevant beyond Trump’s ongoing media frenzy? Continue reading “Trump’s Next Business Venture Might be Terrifying”

Short Story Update – The Deadline is Coming!

So I’m pretty sure I mentioned last week that I’m working on a short story to submit to an online litmag contest this month. Right? Yes, here!

Five on the Fifth‘s submission deadline for their short fiction contest is looming rather large on August 31. I currently have about 1,500 words of a first draft, with a pretty clear idea of how I will set up the final act and conclude the story. I think my submission will end up finishing around 2,500 words, but I’ve been known to miscalculate projected word counts in the past. Continue reading “Short Story Update – The Deadline is Coming!”