Next Theme – May 27!

For the next theme, Jessie and I are introducing a poetic structure that we made up. The structure is known as “Rock Song,” and it follows the basic pattern for lyrical structure in a rock song, with a chorus, two verses, and a refrain.

This structure allows a poem, or “song”, to be based around a four-line chorus that carries the theme of the piece, interspersed with longer verses, and capped by a refrain, as such:

8-line verse

4-line chorus

second 8-line verse

repeat chorus

4-line refrain

repeat chorus

Structure: Rock Song

Theme: Winter

The rhyming scheme is up to the writer. Feel free to play with the structure, such as adding a second refrain stanza instead of repeating the chorus, or writing a six-line refrain instead of four lines.

Also, try to forget that the weather is finally turning nice again and you probably don’t want to be thinking about winter.

Give it a shot! And, as always, email guest submissions to

Stevie D

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