Lawyer, Lemur, Hershey Park – Galumphing – SD

“Lawyer Dan”

Lawyer Dan the righteous man
Doing whatever good he can.
Defending the peace, fighting for right,
But no one knows how he sleeps at night.

His arms envelop a childish toy,
A stuffed animal meant for a little boy.
Larry the Lemur is how he is called,
And Lawyer Dan is with him enthralled

A gift from his grandmother at age five.
On Danny’s fifth birthday a great surprise
When Granny took him out for the time of his life!
He played all the games and won a great prize —

A stuffed lemur with tail ringed white and black
And velcro paws so he could ride on Danny’s back.
Granny gave him the lemur with a wisdom piece.
She said work for yourself and earn your keep,

And don’t be brought down by lies and cheats,
Because life isn’t fair and it’s never easy.
But if you stand up for yourself and protect the weak
Than you’ll leave your own mark, a fine legacy.

So Dan still holds tight to Lemur Larry
To honor the words of his sage Granny.
And he’ll never let go of that piece of his heart
That he earned that day at Hershey Park.

Stevie D

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