Galumphing – Carpenter, Cloud, Outer Space – SD

“Hard Hat Dreamer”

He stands on the corner amidst the sea
Watching the people flow down the street
With their tenacity and their gnashing teeth
Sniffing out a piece of Joe Don’s defeat

Hard hat yellow
Belt like espresso
Protruding blades and metal Continue reading “Galumphing – Carpenter, Cloud, Outer Space – SD”

May’s Theme – Bullheaded and Two Faced AKA The Stars Are Looking Down On Your Personality

I didn’t know how to incorporate three random nouns into the title of this month’s theme so I figured I’d just commit to something silly and vaguely adjacent instead. Last month there was no theme at all so really, regardless of how much sense it makes, it is, by default, superior! Isn’t it funny how these things work out? Continue reading “May’s Theme – Bullheaded and Two Faced AKA The Stars Are Looking Down On Your Personality”

Cinquain Triplet – Eye of the Storm, Fair/Festival, Sailor – JG

Fitting music:

Center of the festivities; eye of this bustling storm,
Here alone there is peace, calm, and a song.
Run now around the fire and gather all together,
For the cautionary tale of a merchant peddling leather,
Who traveled far and wide, never for short, always for long gone. Continue reading “Cinquain Triplet – Eye of the Storm, Fair/Festival, Sailor – JG”

Prose – Athlete, Temple, Bottle – JG

He started off early; nursed at the bottle soon after leaving his mother’s breast. It was his daily routine, his beverage of choice with every meal, (especially when that meal was sorrow), and the significant other in his longest relationship to date. He knew booze better than his own parents – Daddy left for work and never returned, and Mommy burned herself out and away, soul and body, trying to provide for him, her little son. Her shining sun, the only man she’d ever trust again and the only one who counts. She never counted all the glasses, all the cans, all the caps, all the bottles. Continue reading “Prose – Athlete, Temple, Bottle – JG”

Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD

“This City is Our Temple”

Ramps and bridges vault overhead between soaring plate-glass buildings, mirroring the heavens, reflections of our own sense of wonder. Their steel bones and cement feet shield us from the wild night, when the demons come calling; nightmarish designs of flesh or mere shadows. Continue reading “Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD”

April’s Theme: Let there be Goofy!

Dear Inspiration,

“Now I know I haven’t really tried to hang out with you lately, but that totally doesn’t mean we can’t still be really close best of bestest friends. On my time table. You know, when it’s convenient and I’m not busy working or running errands. Oh? That doesn’t work for you? You only want to visit when I’m driving with no paper and pen available or meeting with my boss about upcoming events? Well gosh, I guess I should be used to that by now.” Continue reading “April’s Theme: Let there be Goofy!”

Finding a Stopping Point… and holding on for dear life

I’m one of those people who never feels totally satisfied with a written work. There is always a different idea, or a new line, or a twist to the rhyme scheme that I could have/should have made. That’s why I re-read my own writing as little as possible once it has been “finished” — or posted here. Continue reading “Finding a Stopping Point… and holding on for dear life”