NaShoStoWriMo Story – and Galumphing submission – The Soldiers’ Return

I promised to post one of the stories from my NaShoStoWriMo challenge and I’m only a few days late doing that…this one was inspired by our Galumphing poetry challenge for November. The words were: glass, lake, soldier. This one came in at 713 words – so only a few minutes of your time. Comments and suggestions welcome – I thank everyone for their encouragement regarding my personal short story challenge.

The Soldiers’ Return

By Marcy Erb

When Carl saw the soldiers coming across the pasture in formation, he wasn’t that surprised. He’d seen this before as a child in Germany and so he knew he needed to remain calm. That way, if he was called upon to take any action or speak to the soldiers, he would be able to do so in a dignified manner. Plus, he remembered; nobody else in his family spoke German.

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November Theme: Galumphing Returns!

So kind of a dead month for the October poetry theme, huh? After rolling through various themes with a few submissions each, October featured a grand total of two submissions for the charity theme. Maybe I’ll just have to start spamming all of your message boards with poetry requests!

Or maybe the theme just wasn’t all that interesting, which is understandable, considering the last time we featured a non-sins/virtues theme was way back in June. (I agree, the charity theme was a bit lackluster, but do yourself a favor and go back and read through some of those previous sins/virtues poems from our writers. There were a lot of fascinating submissions.) Continue reading “November Theme: Galumphing Returns!”

Creativity Sessions: Galumphing

Nearly a month ago, I introduced the Schizophrenic Summers portion of our website, explaining what it’s about and what the upcoming theme was. Since that time, we have rolled out five total poetic themes, utilizing a variety of structures and forms. Continue reading “Creativity Sessions: Galumphing”

Lawyer, Lemur, Hershey Park – Galumphing – JG

Hershey Park

Can’t see the trees in the forest,
Can’t see the eyes amongst the underbrush,
Can’t see what lies before us,
Can’t see what lies have been told for us,
Too focused on the whole;
I neglected the parts.
This is where I fall apart.
It’s all ending, but there was never a start…

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