Creativity Sessions: Galumphing

Nearly a month ago, I introduced the Schizophrenic Summers portion of our website, explaining what it’s about and what the upcoming theme was. Since that time, we have rolled out five total poetic themes, utilizing a variety of structures and forms.

Galumphing is a theme generator that we have used twice now (and will use frequently in the future) to inject our themes with vastly different, and even opposing, subjects. On that note, I have a challenge for any writers or creative thinkers reading this:

1. Pick three numbers 0-9 off of the top of your head.

2. Write them down or remember them for later.

3. Don’t cheat by reading ahead!

What is Galumphing?

As I said in that Schizophrenic Summers post, galumphing is a creative tool that encourages the writer to form connections between seemingly disparate objects or ideas.

This becomes most interesting to me when the themes are linked by more symbolic, rather than literal, meanings. However, the three objects can certainly be taken literally. This range of interpretations allows the writer to write freely about whatever pops into their head. It also opens up a Pandora’s box of possible iterations of a particular set of themes. The potential combinations of objects, symbols, and interpretations are virtually endless.

The purpose of galumphing is merely to prod the creative side of the mind and see what can be generated. It’s basically exercising your creativity “muscle”, allowing you to practice creativity.

Creativity Challenge!

Remember the three numbers I asked you to write down/remember? Below you will see a chart with three columns of nouns. Each row corresponds to a number 0-9. Use the three numbers you chose to find out what your poetic challenge is.

For example, if the three numbers you picked were 3-1-7, then your theme would be: a unicorn, a lake, and a cloak. Write a poem of any structure and submit it at, and we will publish it!

0 Carpenter Hospital Glass
1 Waiter/Waitress Lake Needle
2 Penguin Pyramids of Giza Cloud
3 Unicorn Stonehenge Bottle
4 Mascot Bunker Oxygen tank
5 Athlete Outer Space Clock
6 Soldier Castle Pen
7 Politician Volcano Cloak
8 Skeleton Saloon Fire wood
9 Peasant Temple Plow

Stevie D

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