Carpenter, Clouds, Space – Galumphing – JG

The Past II

Oh carpenter, carpenter carve me a coffin,
Sealed tight and designed for flight,
To carry me heavenward at dawn’s first light.

Sharpen your blades and ready your tools,
To make that which was meant to fall,
Rise high and fast, breaking Earth’s rules.
Instead of lowering me down,
Help me ascend, create the perfect blend,
Of magic and science to send,
Me to my final destination.

Shoot me past the clouds,
Above and beyond my doubts,
Because even if it’s a one way trip?
I know, I know, I know
It’s gonna be worth it.

Send me to Heaven; Send me to space
Far and away from this godforsaken place.
Erase my guilt and raze my shame:
Leave the blame and all the mistakes.
So carpenter, carpenter carve me a coffin.
Where I can lay who I once was to rest,
And eventually emerge as the best,
I could ever hope to be.

Jessie Gutierrez

Once more with color:

The Past III

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