Free Verse – Soldier, Lake, Glass – JG


Enthralled in the gaze of the hypnotic lake,
Vivid blue, for you, only, do I gladly forsake,
All others and all else; let the depth my will take.

I have grown weary of the constant push and pull,
Hope has deserted me, its glass was never full,
And my Faith grows weak as my eyes grow dull.

Even submerged deep, there’s not a drop to drink.
Water roars, tide soars, forced to be who you think;
Yet I soldier on, blind obedience demands you never blink.

But my eyes are already closed to what’s in the mirror,
All my mistakes and all my fears never clearer.
If only I would just peer in there:

The still blue shows it true; my greatest flaw is you.


Cogito Ergo Sum-  Jessie Gutierrez

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