June 17 Theme: Channeling your Creativity

I have a dirty little secret to confess. Although we have only been publishing our work for about a month, Jessie and I have been trading poetry themes nearly every week since last fall.

It began as simple notes and stories. Then, one day, after a receiving frustrating news at work and being generally pissed off, I sat down and wrote a verse of poetry. I had been laid off the night before. After several months spent working 50-hour weeks between two jobs, one of those jobs needed to put my employment on hold.

On my commute home the next day from the job I still had, traffic was terrible. People were cutting other drivers off, there were at least two accidents; such is life in the Baltimore-Washington commuter hellhole.

By the time I made it through the mess and into my neighborhood, my career frustration was compounded by poor, selfish driving into anger at basically everyone. One sentence ran through my head, rhythmically. That sentence expanded into three, and before I knew it, an entire verse was running through my head. As soon as I got home, I opened my laptop and furiously typed up everything that ran through my head, channeling my frustrations and energy into about 12 lines.

It was the first time I had written any poetry since I was 13. I decided to keep writing, to share my writing with Jessie, and then to share it with whoever would read it. And here we are.

This week, we will begin a poetry series, the theme of which was inspired by the verse I wrote that day. For the next seven weeks, we will write poems for each of the seven deadly sins.

Theme: Greed

Structure: Free verse

If you want to participate in this ambitious series, submit your work to redstringpapercuts@gmail.com. You never know where your writing might take you.

Stevie D

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