Vices and Virtues – Inspiration


Since we have switched to virtues for the poetry theme, I thought I would put up a little neon art inspiration. Pretty much every day for six years I walked by Bruce Nauman’s Vices and Virtues public art installation at the University of California, San Diego – in the evening you can see it from miles around in La Jolla and UTC. How it merges the sins and virtues is almost like an ink blot test – when the “Faith” and “Lust” neon would light up together, I would see “Flauta” and it would make me crave Mexican food.



Free Verse – Wrath – JG

Tin Foil Man

Even from afar, across the bar,
I can see the condescension
In your first impression;
In your surface assessment
Of someone in my profession.
I wasn’t aware; Am I supposed to care
What you think?
What I think?
Is that you stink
Of imagined superiority,
Mr. Born of the Majority.
Does a suit make a man?
Can it stand,
Tall and alone,
If you did not call it home? Continue reading “Free Verse – Wrath – JG”

Free Verse – Wrath – SD

Burning Soul VI

In a world full of hate, you only have what you can take.
Dancing with the pretenders, it leaves a sour taste.

They’re squelching my fire with the anger and the lies,
And I’m a smoldering ruin — a lone wolf howling at the moon. Continue reading “Free Verse – Wrath – SD”

Free Verse – Sloth – Marcy Erb

Of Vintage Commercials

An increasingly long time ago,
A commercial that ran
On the television of my childhood –
Of food being sloughed off china
Plates into garbage cans –
Warned us that 20 percent of the
World starved while 20 ate like
Kings. Continue reading “Free Verse – Sloth – Marcy Erb”

July 15 Theme: Apathetic Dejection

Welcome to week five of our Seven Deadly Sins series! Our foray into the theme of Envy produced what are probably three of the least similar interpretations yet. This week’s theme may inspire even more disparate submissions!

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