Free Verse – Sloth – SD

Burning Soul V

I don’t have the energy,
The calories it takes
To keep my fire alight,
To roll with the fakeness.

Standing in the crowd,
But feeling isolated,
Like your body’s trapped in time
With your mind in cryo-stasis.

So you blow up your bubble
Trying to hide your weaknesses,
But the drones don’t care —
They’re just harvesting your sleeplessness.

So you pretend to be a star
Shining bright for all the gazers,
But your fire’s burning low,
And that bubble leaves you naked.

Making resolutions
That you’re never gonna keep.
Toasting with the faces.
Trying not to be meek

All the while your jaw aches
As you remember to flash your teeth,
Propping up a smile
Until you’re sore in the cheeks.

It’s like a drag race
Through the steaming underbelly,
Feeling like quicksand
As you amble through the apathy.

Scraping your knuckles along
Asphalt covered in blight,
Bleeding for the pain of it,
Wondering why you started to fight.

Because they all try to stop you.
The discouragement never ends.
Cast your eyes down now,
There’s no time for connections.

You can hear the anger —
Horns blaring out of fear
Of what they might become
If they ever came near

To seeing their insignificance
In a world full of suffering,
Thinking their status matters
In a city full of emptiness.

It’s too much to handle.
I can’t keep standing up
For a world full of people
Who refuse to share the love.

Steve D

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