July 15 Theme: Apathetic Dejection

Welcome to week five of our Seven Deadly Sins series! Our foray into the theme of Envy produced what are probably three of the least similar interpretations yet. This week’s theme may inspire even more disparate submissions!

The Sin of Varying Definitions

In general, Sloth can be defined as emotional, spiritual, or physical laziness and being inclined to inactivity. It can also either be an “outright refusal” to fulfill one’s obligations, or merely the apathy to it.

Sloth can also imply a lack of use, and thus wasting, of one’s life, objects, skills, or ideals.

Theme: Sloth

Structure: Free verse

It appears we have the makings of a wide array of interpretations to pull from this week’s theme. Why not try adding your thoughts? Submissions can be sent to redstringpapercuts@gmail.com by July 14 to be published!

Stevie D

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