Free Verse – Envy – SD

Burning Soul IV

This world is caving in, I don’t think I’ll last
Cretins surround me, trying to throw me off the path
And you’re no help, I don’t know what to think
When you tease and you pry, seducing me to sink

To my knees, and bow and kiss your feet.
When you’re the dealer, playing with house money,
And I’m the addict come in off the street.
Well I’m tired of the games you’ve been playing with me…

So show me all the cards in your deck,
Because I’m tired of trying to x-ray through the pack.
Running with the wolves through your mind’s wooded blackness,
Working to figure out just how you stacked it

Against me in all my lustful tactics,
But you’re innocent, right? You’re just playing with the actors.
Pretending to be vulnerable to my theatrics
Just to entice me to come blazing with a hatchet.

To try and hack through all the bramble and the bracken,
But you’re keeping the code, and I can’t crack it.
Wrestling with the lock trying to listen for the ratchet
Of the pins and the gears, holding back from smashing it.

But this is how you want it, you’re just a damsel,
Waiting for Prince Nothing to save you from the action
Of all the hounds around your heels, biting and snapping.
And for what, so you can feel like the Queen Alpha?

I’m done with this mess, you can find your own way,
Because I’m tucking tail and running out of this maze.
Following the bread crumbs away from your haze,
Finding my way out of your love-made head case.

Now I’m the Omega, leaving you in distress.
But remember this, as you throw scraps to the mongrels:
I would have been your Alpha, your number one
If only you had seen that I’m stronger than them.

Stevie D

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