Free Verse – Envy – JG

I remember reading
Of Dante’s blinded –
The envious sinners
with eyes sewn shut.

I consider their course carefully
When I find myself taken
With what another has wrangled
From life’s hungry jaws.

So each time, I pause
And turn my eyes to the floor:
Focusing my tunnel vision
Unto what I should be grateful for.

Accepting that all that I have
Is all that I’ve earned,
And that if I wish for more,
It can’t be faked or stolen.
It has to be acquired by passion and labor.

And if ever my eyes
Are the next to be bound by lead,
Let it never be said
That it was because I couldn’t control my envy of others.

Let it be a desperate bid,
To tame the sin
By living in darkness
And concentrating on what’s within.

– Jessie Gutierrez

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