June 24 Theme: The Second Sin

We are now entering the second week of our Seven Deadly Sins series. We began with Greed yesterday, because it is perhaps the most rampant and understood of the sins. Greed and selfishness are often the topic of conversation and debate regarding virtually every arena of media, from sports to economics.

All three greed-themed poems posted yesterday alluded to the materialistic need for possessions and wealth.

The Second Sin

Technically, Lust is the first sin, as it is the first circle of Hell for deliberate acts of immorality in Dante’s Inferno. Lust is defined as the physical desire for something which one does not have. Sexual desire is the most common interpretation of Lust, but it can also refer to the lust for knowledge or the lust for power. This differs from Greed in that it does not require the selfish possession of objects or abstract values; Lust merely deals with the desire for such things.

Theme: Lust

Structure: Free verse

It will be interesting to see which interpretations of Lust are used for next week’s poems. I would certainly love to see some submissions regarding the lust for power or the lust for knowledge.

If you want to contribute your creativity, just send any submissions to redstringpapercuts@gmail.com. We will happily publish your writing!

Stevie D

One thought on “June 24 Theme: The Second Sin

  1. Lust was the first active “punishment” round of Hell in Inferno but the last cornice of penance in Purgatory before the Earthly Paradise – so we shall see what poems it inspires! Looking forward to it!

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