Take Me to Church, I’ll Worship like a Model at the Shrine of the Times…

I wasn’t sure about posting this one – mostly because despite my faith being strong, my feelings about religion confuse me too much for me to really write about them, but Stevie convinced me with a classic “Why not?” So here goes:


Everyone arrives late. Late to being early, late to being on time. Flash.
Disregard for ceremony, Disregard for the sacred.
Religion is what we make it – And here, it appears
As a spectacle. A side show fit for bright camera lights and unfunny levity. Flash.
Disregard for tradition, Disregard for propriety.
Dubbing the young, not of this world, but trapped in it.
What happens right after words of elitism – words of you are better than others, better than them
Are said and repeated, repeated ’cause we need it to be remembered, remembered and recited. Flash.
Now we kneel. Those blessed to be better, to be not of this world. Kneel.
Kneel before what you
Cannot see, cannot know, cannot feel, cannot understand.
Such a small demand. Flash.
This moment, this world, these words, these people – Are they not enough?
Must everything and all fall victim to the hunting gaze of the captured photograph?
Not of this world, but in it. Tempted by sin, limited to skin, now is when she begins to know
Disregard for the present, Disregard for humanity.
A little water to wash away the filth of being born unclean. It won’t be long before she learns what it means. What is forbidden: what deeds, what instincts, what wants will condemn her to Hell. Flash.
How now is only temporary and never good enough, so thank God we got it all on film. Flash.

 – Jessie Gutierrez

PS I also apologize for butchering a good Hozier song lyric for the title to this and my own amusement.

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