Misplaced Missive #20 – Savior Liar

When I look into the mirror,
What do I see?
All the vice and all the need.
It’s a slow bleed
That feeds the hatred in me,
The evasion of pleas,
The casual cruelty of the free.
I call her demon in green,
Draped in red, white, and blue.
An entreaty to a greater deity –
Make the image someone other
Than me.
Make me more than the colorful character,
I’ve pretended so long to be,
The one now wearing my skin permanently. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #20 – Savior Liar”

Misplaced Missives #83 – Plastic Confessions

Heartfelt confession of crime so sinful,
God turns away in disgust.
Whose only victim: the criminal,
Would be better off if they never trust
Another enough to voice the words of guilt.
Words sure to be met with hatred built
On lies; despised because of natural inclination. Continue reading “Misplaced Missives #83 – Plastic Confessions”

Take Me to Church, I’ll Worship like a Model at the Shrine of the Times…

I wasn’t sure about posting this one – mostly because despite my faith being strong, my feelings about religion confuse me too much for me to really write about them, but Stevie convinced me with a classic “Why not?” So here goes:


Everyone arrives late. Late to being early, late to being on time. Flash.
Disregard for ceremony, Disregard for the sacred.
Religion is what we make it – And here, it appears
As a spectacle. A side show fit for bright camera lights and unfunny levity. Flash. Continue reading “Take Me to Church, I’ll Worship like a Model at the Shrine of the Times…”