Misplaced Missive #95 – Sorry Songs

I’m sorry:
Worthless words
That lost their power
Before they were ever said.
Wish I could pretend
To feel what you deserve.
It’s absurd.
You know all the lyrics
To a song I wish I had heard
From someone else.

You sing to me so confidently
About all that we could be
How do I make you see?
That your masterpiece
Wasn’t meant for me?

It’s not your fault.
(Is it my fault?)
I can’t control my heart,
Or who it chose.
My guilt grows,
As you prove what we already know.

Save your melody
For someone you can belong to
Save your song
For someone who can give you their heart
I’m sorry. It’s not enough.
But it’s a start
And all I have.

How do I make you see?
That your symphony
Was meant for someone far better than

Jessie Gutierrez

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