Color Schemes – Death


Splashes of color corrupt the clean canvas,
white – pure and blinding;
the light at the end of the tunnel we all deny we’ll someday reach.
Speech stopped and fear knocked, escorted by the man dressed in
black – it’s the total darkness that scares us.
What could ever prepare us for the unknown?
The unknowable. The unavoidable.
We’re all just one drop in the ocean
blue – there’s nothing calming here, nothing to soothe us, smoothly move us
from dust to dust, so we must
Return from whence we came,
after the game all the pieces from king to pawn
go back in the same beaten box. Locked in this world, but only for a time;
Rhythm and rhyme, a song with a clear finish. Does an expected demise diminish
the grief or keep the world from turning
grey – dull in its own way. What price we pay for life. A debt owed at birth,
Repaid only once we’re back in the earth. Ashes to ashes. We know, yet refuse:
Why use the example of others when denial is so much gentler? Kinder, because
Who needs the constant reminder that death is not summoned by birth date alone?
Alone, like the way everyone goes into that The Great Beyond;
Slowly by nature’s embrace or in a rapid flood of blood
red – aggressive mayhem and sweet caresses alike,
Fade ever faster with time’s passage and sometimes all that’s left is memory
Of what was felt once vividly, when they said too much and too little,
Life is so brittle but what choice do we have? It closes like the sun sets;
Awash in a sea of purple, gold, and orange –
Purple – for the magic and mystery of what may come next,
And what is happening all around us now; it should never cease to astound us
How perfect nature’s perceived flaws really are.
Gold – is all that glitters, and shines and reminds us that we had our chance
And the change that we carry with us is worth all the money in the world we no longer need,
Because we really can’t take anything so meaningless as currency with us.
Orange – ‘Cause even though one fire may have run its course, that doesn’t mean
There won’t be others.

– Jessie Gutierrez

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