Color Schemes – Lines

Blood lines,
Red lines,
Faded lines,
Love lines,
Life lines,
Life signs,
Vitals not so vital – suicidal?
Lines that come together to create no characters, but it builds
I’m sorry for Scaring her.
I didn’t mean for you to Read something written while I was impaired. Nothing’s Changed even though now you’re aware. Don’t we make quite the pair? It’ll never be fair how Squarely and Sincerely you are driving me
Trapped in boxes you Fit me into.
It’s no use.
These lines you drew a long, long Before.
I’m broken and sore from colliding into their walls, lost in halls with no doors.
Since long, long Before.
When the only out is in, the only way out is within, where we begin… where we Never began.
I should’ve ran.
Long, long Before you caged me in preconceived notions and freezing devotions,
bespelled by obligatory potions. Do you know the oceans I would’ve
Drained for you?
No. All I get is pain from you. Making these
Blood lines a vicious self fulfilling prophecy,
Red lines across cloth covered vulnerabilities,
Faded lines of poetry I never got to recite to you,
Love lines entrenched in hands cut off at the wrist,
Life lines that have no hope of saving anyone and
Life signs that are continuously faked by malicious mistake.

-Jessie Gutierrez

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