Impulsive Game of Thrones Theory / All of my hopes and dreams fulfilled

[A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE SPOILER ALERT, including names and events revealed in the books which have not been revealed in the show]

Okay, so we’ve all finished watching season 5 of Game of Thrones, and theories abound about the true state of Jon Snow. Is he dead? I think not, for a wide variety of reasons, not least of which is that a show as big as Game of Thrones cannot afford to knife one of its key plotlines when there are likely only two or three seasons left. No one else in the show is going to step up to defend the Wall against the Night’s King.

But that’s besides the point. I have another, probably crazier theory about Game of Thrones, show or books, take your pick. Ready?

Gendry the blacksmith (Arya’s friend and traveling companion in the Riverlands) is going to discover how to forge Valyrian steel and ride a dragon into battle against the Whitewalkers wearing his bull’s head helm.

“What evidence have you to support such a ridiculous theory,” you ask? Well, none. Except that at this point in the ASoIaF canon, we appear to have very limited options as to whom may end up riding the two remaining dragons, assuming Daenerys rides Drogon in some final battle.

Remember, the dragon has three heads, so we need two more riders to appear and take the reins of Viserion and Rhaegal. According to fictional legend, only someone of the blood of Old Valyria may control and thus ride a dragon.

Here are five picks for potential dragonlords, in order from not quite as crazy to totally-out-of-left-field-crazy.

5 Potential Dragonlords

1. One popular (and awesome) theory holds that Bran will warg one of the dragons, thus controlling it from his hovel in the far North. If Bran is so powerful a warg, then it’s likely that his bloodline is irrelevant.

2. As far as living people with Targaryan blood, we still have Young Griff, supposedly the long-lost Aegon Targaryen, nephew to Daenerys. We don’t really know for sure whether this would-be wooer of the Mother of Dragons is a real Targaryen, but I guess we’ll find out when he tries to fulfill his destiny.

3. Jon Snow. If R + L = J, then Jon obviously has the pedigree to be a dragonlord. One pressing issue with this theory: does Ghost get to ride the dragon, too?

4. Some unknown character who has yet to be revealed. This seems unlikely so late in the game, but both the Baratheon and Martell houses have wed Targaryens in recent history, making it likely that Targaryen blood still flows through their veins. And this actually brings us to…

5. Gendry, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, and thus great-grandson of Rhaelle Targaryen. He’s a long shot, but this wouldn’t be the first time his bloodline was an important plot point.

And finally, why do I think Gendry will learn how to forge Valyrian steel? Only because his skill as a blacksmith feels unfulfilled in the story, and I want him to have a larger role for the end of this series.

Oh, and we need more Valyrian steel weapons to defeat the Whitewalkers. Add that crackpot idea to the overgrown pile of GoT hot takes.

Steve D

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