Free Verse – Instrumental Inspiration – JG

So I noticed something pretty early on when I was looking for just the right song to try to pen lyrics for: when an artist or band puts out a song without words, there’s a helluva lot going on. So much so that words often feel positively extraneous. Like adding whipped cream on a cake covered in icing. But here goes anyways:

Starts at 1:43
Another day, another grave (4x)
All potential passed away
Buried deep. Pray your truth, the Lord keep
It’s all faded.
Tell Me Why. Tell Me Why.
End at 2:39

At 2:56
Through the debris, set it running free,
Wasted fear, leave it here,
Enjoy the high, Fight the dark night sky,
Leave it here, Leave it here,
Feel the rhythm in your heart,
Rising, blinding, electric delight
The Lightning ride. The Lightning ride.
End at 3:29

At 3:43
Brutal but real. Hatred is only fear – Brutal but all too real.

At 3:59
Tell me what he said to you,
All the words used,
Assumed to be true.
Tell me what he said for you,
All his care, all his love,
Hiding you from you.
End at 4:17

At 4:44
Tell me what he said…
Tell me what he said…
To you, To you, To you
End at 4:53

At 5:35
Under sands of restless time,
All of his lies, all his lies, tell me what do they disguise?
Tell me why…
Just tell me why…
Did you have to hide?
Do they disguise?
Do they disguise?
Why all the lies?
Did you always – have to hide?
Have to hide (3x)
End at 6:01

At 6:54
Another day, another grave

At 7:31
This is the end, no more pretend.
What is left? Deaf and Blind,
From all his lies.
Tell me now.
Or just waste away.
Another full grave,
Another lost soul,
Lost and never saved.
End at 8:07

Ok, this was an awesome exercise in prioritizing inspiration and medium. Unfortunately,  I feel as though I lost a bit of poetic flair in my probably vain attempts to write directly for the music.

We will definitely be doing this again, although maybe next time I won’t choose an 8 and a half minute epic.

Jessie Gutierrez

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