Rock Song – Saving Ze World – JG

OK, so the theme was totally saving the world and my entry veers heavily into destroying it instead. Whoops? At least I stuck to the structure XD


Devil in the Details, Monster in the Music

‘It’s a symphony and everyone’s in the band’,
Said a wise man to a crowded room,
That might as well have been empty,
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Free Verse – Instrumental Inspiration – JG

So I noticed something pretty early on when I was looking for just the right song to try to pen lyrics for: when an artist or band puts out a song without words, there’s a helluva lot going on. So much so that words often feel positively extraneous. Like adding whipped cream on a cake covered in icing. But here goes anyways:

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June’s Theme – From Head Banging To Gentle Swaying – JG

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what inspires me and it seems like the answer is only found in things out of my control: an extreme situation, someone else’s provocation, death, unexpected disaster. Thus, I am now on the lookout, or in this case listen out, for material that moves me, without uprooting my entire emotional wellbeing. Music has been a popular muse for so many writers, why not make her this month’s theme: Continue reading “June’s Theme – From Head Banging To Gentle Swaying – JG”