Color Schemes – Bright – JG

Your future shines so brightly, I can see it from the present.
Iridescent, I guess it can’t be contained by a time frame.
And yet, you remain – skittish, hesitant, concerned –
Worried about wishes and wants when your will will
Take you to your forever.
Because it’s meant to be – certain, fated, destined,
I sense it must be naïve to believe you could see
Guided by your own light; by your own brilliance.
What hindrance stands in your illumination?
What impedes the inevitable with its interference?
What blocks the better with its bulk?

My intangible words and weightless sentiments are transparent;
I want you to see right through me.
Right to where I am blessed by this faith in you,
Where I believe wholeheartedly in what my heart sees.
Where you have lit up,
Despite my own darkness and despite my own being.
Despite that it has nothing to do with me.

Your future shines so brightly, it blinds me in the here and now.
I shut my eyes tight and try to close it out –
But that’s the beauty and the bane of light:
Where it shines bright, it sears
And you have burned me deeply.
Iridescent, uncontained by any and all cages or frames,
I know it leads you away so as of yet, while you still remain,
I bask in the flame and hope one day,
You’ll see it reflected in my eyes before
You leave for your forever.


 – Jessie Gutierrez

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