Misplaced Missive #3 – Pieces – JG

514 Piece

The once intricate pieces of my personality,
Are now eroded, edgeless, and smooth.
I can’t determine what goes where,
Can’t find the part that should care,
So everything, from thoughts to moods,
Is muddled together, selected at random.

I’ve fallen apart beyond recognition.
But please take a few seconds,
To stop preaching and listen.

With this last piece I recognize,
I’d like to apologize, for all that I am not.
I’m not good enough. And you know.
I’m not strong enough. And it shows.
That’s why I still remember this part:
I’m trying so hard to forget it.

I’m a few pieces short
Of a complete puzzle.
But it’s not the missing,
With which I struggle.

Jessie Gutierrez

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