Cinquain Triplet – Eye of a hurricane, fair/festival, sailor – SD

“Eye’s Fair Dance”

Winds and white foam soften, be still!
A honeyed melody drifts through the air.
Golden hues settle, like candlelight’s glow.
Teeming mists roll in over dark waters below.
The rains play like music, an uproarious affair.

Lutes, fiddles, and drums march to ensnare,
Lanterns of all colors hover and float.
From the mist a great ship, Gael Prancer returns!
She plows over waves as storms around her churn,
Revelers embark, an enchanting raucous show,

But sailors no more the open seas roam.
On deck storms cease as fireless torches burn.
Your Captain beckons you, join in the swill-
Gael Prancer’s hull will have her eternal fill.
The Eye’s Fair roils on, new revelers now turned.

Author’s Note: As I said in my theme post at the beginning of this month, I chose this theme because thinking about it gave me an idea for the mythology of my world-building project (for which I should really find a solid name). This poem is the initial, entirely raw formulation of a folktale I will eventually tell in longer form in my world. I’m already thinking I’ll need to add more stanzas to this trance-like song, but this is a good start. I don’t want to give away too much, because I’m interested in how people interpret this. My fiance read it as the story of a legendary ship that had gone down in a great storm, celebrated by later generations as a hero in its own right. Not what I was going for, but a really awesome idea! So… what say you?! What was your first interpretation of this song?

Steve D

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