Numberbrag: 4,000 Visitors

Looking over my website stats today I realized that we have eclipsed 4,000 visitors. With some basic arithmetic, I calculated that we surpassed the big 4k on March 16th. I don’t really know what this means, but it’s a cool little number.

I mean, logically it means that 4,000 individuals have deliberately clicked on or viewed one of our pages or posts. In the 22 months since this site was launched, that averages out to 181 visitors per month, enough to rank 619,290 in the U.S. according to We’re in the 700,000 Club! (By the way, is pretty interesting if you’re into numbers. The #1 spot is obvious – Google – but numbers 2 through 50 may actually surprise you. WordPress is #41.)

The top 5 search keywords are all regarding Hozier and my review of his album from December 2014. That post still gets more daily and weekly traffic than anything else on this domain, including the Home page, and has over 1,300 views so far. Seems kind of random, but I suppose his lyrics are interesting.

It would be awesome if we hit 5,000 visitors by our two-year anniversary in May, but that’s highly unlikely. And it doesn’t really change anything anyway.  Let’s shoot for the 600,000 Club! Hopefully, people never stop searching for Hozier.

Happy Wednesday!

Steve D

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