Moonlit Musings – Faith

The Summer Sway

I have faith in the way the wind blows
Softly steering us in the right direction –
Kind caresses nudging where to go.

Always there; if we let down our defensive walls,
Stepping away from the shelters that caged,
‘Til all that remains is the feel of the breeze.
Embrace it as it saves you; uplifts and remakes you.

Seeing isn’t always what you think it is –
Wind rides invisibly – all but what it moves.
So let it move you. Close your eyes and hone your senses,
Feel it gently press in, ignore the rest, and
Follow its warm guidance.

Love is like this wind,
Sometimes the tempest of sin,
But more often
The relief of the summer sway.

Jessie Gutierrez

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