Moonlit Musing: Unreciprocated


Love is just like any other domesticated pet-
If it isn’t fed, it will waste away
To nothing.

Or worse,
it will find a new source
Of vital sustenance in the homegrown
Hatred of one betrayed.
So vivid it now runs through veins
And it cries out and aloud it bays
The chilling sound of a body surviving
When the spirit was gutted.

Dense in the intense feeling
Of acceptance that
we are lost beyond saving.
The way these days turned to
new moon nights,
You were supposed to be my light
In the wilderness;
Supposed to be civilization and
Despite, Because, Even though
You’d be my damnation
in restricted habitation.

Nature perverted,
You still stood there and asserted
It would all be okay.
Wild beasts would never play this way
With their food.
Your casual cruelty, catlike,
in all its carelessness
Batting me around for

Love is just like any other animal –
If it isn’t fed, it will waste away
To nothing.

That’s a lie.
You fed me alright:
Bullshit and
Mouse trap cheese.
You brought me to my knees,
Nose to the grass,
Guts on the ground.

Jessie Gutierrez

Holy cow, you guys. I hadn’t read this since I wrote it… and just wow, so much grrrrrr. Therefore I shall also leave you this adorable red wolfy picture to balance out this post:


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