Moonlit Musing – Saying Goodbye


I never felt safer than seated
– across –
From you arguing.

I never told you
– but –
I love you.

I meant it
-every time –
I tried to persuade you not to go.

I meant it
– every time –
I couldn’t ask you to stay.

So now you’ve gone away
– overseas –
And it’s up to fate.

I never feel more afraid than here
– across –
An ocean waiting for you to come home.

Deep Meaningful Conversation

From the outer limits to the twilight zone,
We flourished in the weird and unknown,
Reaching into the unknowable to tell our own truths before untold,
Cloaked in metaphor and colorful trappings,
I found more warmth in your mind’s imaginings
Than in reality; happily wrapping
– My heart –
In your words’ wisdom and wonder.

Somewhere betwixt dispute and consensus,
Amidst heated conflict and complete comprehension,
I found  – home – in your honesty
And comfort in your contemplations.

We don’t agree you should leave,
But you’ve already left,
-Mobilized –
Taken off across cloudless skies,
Where you can’t hear my cries,
And I can no longer hear your answers.

There was no concept too strange, No taboo too forbidden,
We spoke with an ease familiar to those who hide their meaning
In journals kept to be hidden
– every time –
I speak you now come to mind unbidden.

Jessie Gutierrez

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