Friday Write-Day: NaNo Prep Begins in Earnest!


I’ve finally finished my first read-through of Manuscript: Alpha. I should have finished weeks ago, but the last 40 or so pages were difficult to get through. I rushed writing the ending simply because I wanted to finish the first draft, and boy does it show. There are probably more spelling errors in those sections than in the entire rest of the book, not to mention several glaring plot-holes. I’d like to apologize publicly to my alpha readers for that. Just know that it was infinitely more tortuous for me because I wrote it 🙂

The good news is that I feel like I have a solid overall feel for the revisions I’ll want to make once I have a chance to go through my readers’ manuscripts and notes. I would still like to begin developing an outline for the revisions I’ll be making.

I think might try to go section by section, listing the changes that need to be made and summarizing how the revised version fits into the overall story. There are some sections I’ll be moving around or combining with others, but for the most part, my revisions will be focused on continuity and providing more of the sociopolitical context of my story that my readers have asked for. More exposition!

NaNo Has Returned!

I’m excited for NaNo 2016 simply because of the progress it represents in my story. As I discussed last week, my project for NaNo will be the second part of this loose duology for The Warden of Everfeld. Part two is currently known only as WoE2, but I have a title in mind.

Now, I’m not rushing the complete two novels and fire them into the self-published ether any time soon (maybe just one). But focusing on a new story for NaNo helps validate the time and thought I’ve put into building a world of stories. This gives me tangible evidence that I will not be a one-and-done author.

I already have a solid idea of how my first three or so POV sections will be starting. From there… who knows. I might also continue to work on my revision outline for The Warden of Everfeld: Memento throughout November, especially some of the changes that I am 110% certain I need to make.

For NaNo, I’ll definitely aim for 50,000 words, but I’m not dead-set on reaching that mark. I think I definitely want to write at least… 25,000, but we’ll see how long I can stay away from WoEM. So, goals!

  1. Begin developing an outline of revisions to be made on The Warden of Everfeld: Memento
  2. Write 25,000+ words for WoE2 during National Novel Writing Month 2016, and at least build a loose outline for book 2.

How about you? Do my fellow NaNo’ers already have your stories laid out for November 1?

Steve D

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