Election Day Revelations

As tears leak down embarrassed cheeks,
sliding smoothly southward,
I think of all that rolls downhill with this decision –
down goes my faith, once again…
First god, and now man,
how does one find the energy to stand
in a world that stands against you?

A racist demagogue,
placed in power
by a silent majority….
free reign authority
to weed out my kind.
a dirty minority,
there but for the cleansing.

A sexist predator,
stalking loudly and proudly;
a pride amongst the sheep,
trusted to keep
us safe and secure
Within a border
where only white men are worthy;
women are only valuable.

An ignorant tyrant,
holding tight to
prejudices of old,
he has been bought and sold
at the price of our country’s soul,
and now many who would choose to
must hide and never hold.

These are the truths this election told:
That the silent majority hates much that I am,
No matter that it was not my choice.
That the silent majority would readily rip up a family,
To protect their idealized view of a past that never was.
That this majority knows enough to be ashamed of saying out loud they choose this man,
a demagogue, a predator, a tyrant,
But doesn’t care enough to not vote him into the highest office in the land.

Jessie Gutierrez

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