Misplaced Missives #49: Leave Me

I wish to be alone
Is that selfish? Wrong?
Another reason to atone?

I don’t want what I should
Leaving me to:
Either live in self-denial
Or let you put me on trial
For wants I can’t control.
I’d rather lie to your face
Than live the kind of life you’d place
Me so firmly in, if I gave in.
So relinquish me to my space
And hope I grow fonder with distance.

You don’t know me.
Look closely. I’m a stranger
Who wears a familiar face,
One you absolutely, resolutely
Refuse to let me remove.

There’s a peace I can only get
From my own company.
Please leave me be.
I don’t think you’ll ever willingly see
The real sinner in me…
And that ignorance? Your feinted innocence?
Is a damn good reason
To seek solitude.

Jessie Gutierrez

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