Numberbrag: New Monthly High!

Man, it’s hard coming back to everything after an extended holiday, even the things we want to be doing. Writing has been sparse for me this month, despite my pre-NaNo bluster about getting a jump-start on my second novel. But I’ll talk about that more on Friday, because today, Red String PaperCuts hit a pretty sweet milestone!

For the first time ever, we have achieved 400 visitors and 600 views in a single month, and there are still two days left in November! Our monthly visitors and views have been climbing steadily over the last year, with five of the last seven months eclipsing 300 visitors each, four of the last seven eclipsing 400 views, and the last three in a row breaking 500 views.

I’ve been watching the views tick upward this month closely, hoping to nudge passed that 600 rung. Next stop: 700 views!

I’ve also been watching our visitor and view totals for the year closely over the last couple of months. As of this writing, we are 39 views away from breaking 5,000 for the year! It would be sweet to see that happen before December, but it should definitely happen this week.

It has been interesting to me to watch our growth in viewership year to year since we began in May 2014 (with a post about inspiration, no less). 2015’s visitors eclipsed 2014’s views, and we are inching ever so slightly towards the same trend this year. 2015 saw 3,754 views total; right now, 2016 has 3,404 visitors…! So we’re close, and the upward trend we’ve been on month to month will hopefully hold strong.

A couple of other milestones we’ve hit in the last couple of months: 6,000 visitors all-time, and 10,000 views all-time. By the end of the year, we could very well hit 7,000 visitors all-time. That’s insane. That’s the size of a small university, or a large grad school.

As for next year, I’m pushing for 5,000 visitors, giving us well over 10,000 all-time. But we’ll see.


Steve D

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