Marketing Your Novel: Online Press Releases


Disclosure: I work for a marketing firm. While I have no formal education in marketing or business and would never claim to be an “expert”, working in online marketing for two companies over the last  four years has taught me a lot. This series will explore the marketing strategies I will use to promote my upcoming novel.

A few weeks ago in this space I discussed the specific marketing channels I would be using to achieve my goals for 2017, including the publication and distribution of my first novel, The Warden of Everfeld: Memento.

I have already discussed two of those channels (Facebook and PPC Ads) in previous posts, so now I’d like to discuss my third marketing channel: press releases. Continue reading “Marketing Your Novel: Online Press Releases”

Numberbrag: New Monthly High!

Man, it’s hard coming back to everything after an extended holiday, even the things we want to be doing. Writing has been sparse for me this month, despite my pre-NaNo bluster about getting a jump-start on my second novel. But I’ll talk about that more on Friday, because today, Red String PaperCuts hit a pretty sweet milestone! Continue reading “Numberbrag: New Monthly High!”