Friday Write-Day: Gearing Up to Slow Down

Man, my two-week stay-at-home-dad-cation cannot come fast enough.

Between work, the usual holiday stresses, and… mostly work, I’m really looking forward to just sitting at home with Nugget.

I’ve been really good in recent weeks about leaving work at work. But end-of-year stresses and next-year planning have made that progressively harder.

It’s 9pm on Thursday evening as I write this, and I’m desperately trying to ignore that push notification on my phone from our team chat app that can definitely wait until the morning, but still irks me.

The good news is that once I leave the office tomorrow evening, I do not have to think about work for 16 whole days.

Speaking of the home front, my mother-in-law just left after spending three days with us, baby-sitting Nugget while the wife and I worked. It’s amazing how much help an extra set of hands can really provide with a baby in the house. I think she really valued being able to spend three whole days with her grandson, too.

Tomorrow, my mom gets to babysit! She’ll get her fair share after the holidays, too.

The Writing Front!

I’ve written 2,000 words this week in The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy, with much of that coming once again in one furious writing bout.

I’m happy, however, that we’re not even halfway through the month, but I’ve achieved more than half of my 10,000-word writing goal for December.

I have 16 days — without work — to write 4,000 words. I think I can manager, even with a baby in tow.

One project I’ve ignored, however, is revising The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan, Volume One. To be fair, I’m still waiting for my editor to send her edits to the last half of those stories to me. I’d prefer to revise all 12 stories in one shot, and I still have time to do so before my tentative publishing date of sometime in January.

The digital cover illustration for Mythos is also coming along nicely. My illustrator is working on the second round of color concepts before we move to the final version.

Maybe I’ll share the initial sketch and color concepts in an upcoming post.

Another Kind of Slow-Down

After four years of running a blog, you’d think I would have come to expect the November-December slow-down in traffic by now.

But no, I still check WordPress Stats nearly every day hoping to see a sudden burst in views to carry this final stretch of the year over the top.

Hopefully 2019 will bring that New Year burst.

Goals for 12/21

  1. Write some words for WoEL
  2. Revise some words for Mythos
  3. Hang out with Nugget

Steve D

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