Super Old Poetry Post!

Once again, I have written no new poetry for this week XD I cannot multitask to save my life. So here’s an old poem I forgot I had written:

 Between Two

She’s got 2 boys, she wishes were 1 man –
One gives attention and care; always overeager to be ‘there’,
The shoulder to cry on, the lending, helping hand.
And the other?
He’s the blockade behind which she stands,
Useless but familiar; at least he’s a known burden.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand –
How neither draws that line in the sand,
How neither stands tall and demands,
A choice or an oath or a decision.

I’m off on the wall – trying to stay uninvolved,
Removed, distant, and calm.
Even after taking part in all the stringing along,
I’m still working to solve their dynamic:
How can they stand it?
Being not enough to be the only?
They pull her in directions she was never meant to go.
I wonder if she’ll ever know
Who she’s supposed to be,
If she keeps relying and hiding between tweedle dumb and tweedle dee.

It’s all so pathetic – mutually parasitic, unusually sadistic,
I wonder who will regret it all openly first.
Who will be the one to burst,
Spewing forth all the filthy feelings their arrangement has wrought.
They’re caught in a sick cycle with the ups of denial
And the downs of depressing codependence.
The menace lies in staying the course.

If between two you are torn,
Isn’t it better to be shorn,
Of both,
Allowing something better to be born?

Jessie Gutierrez

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