Friday Write-Day: Busy with Business


I nearly forgot it was Friday. I suppose that’s what the holidays do to you.

Writing was slow once again, despite my time off from work earlier in the week — 3,600 for the week and 24,800 overall. But my weekly total is low mostly because I’ve been… distracted by other priorities the past two nights.

Business priorities involving the marketing, publishing, and selling of my book. I will not go into detail quite yet, because, if you haven’t noticed, I like playing things like this close to the vest.

Just know that Jessie and I have a plan for moving forward with the publication of multiple books. I have had a fledgling plan in my head for quite some time, but mostly to do with my own writing.

Aside from The Warden of Everfeld: Memento pending publication in 2017, I also have its follow-on, The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy, tentatively planned for publication 12-18 months later, and a third book in the same universe (not of the WoE storyline) stewing in the back of my mind for publication much further on… perhaps 2020. But that’s all long-term.

Now we have an immediate plan and timeline for moving forward with our writing goals within the next two months. Yes, I want to tell you everything because I’m way too excited. But I mustn’t.

What I will tell you is that this business timeline now gives me a better idea for my own marketing strategy for 2017, something I’ve written quite a bit about with little to actually show for it, aside from a mostly experimental Facebook page.

I now have a four-pronged plan in place geared towards driving more traffic to this site, getting more followers, and hopefully, generating some interest about my book! I will lay out my plan in my next marketing post on Tuesday, and discuss the strategies that have gone into that plan.

So despite my lack of writing this week, I now have a much clearer picture of what the next year will look like, and that feels like a blessing in disguise.

Writing Goal: 10,000 this week / 35,000 total

Steve D

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