Friday Write-Day: Impostor Post!


Generally speaking,  if something is posted later than normal on this site, it is because I am its author, not Stevie. =D

Welcome to Jessie’s Friday Write-Day ! In an peculiar twist of the usual, this week I was super productive and Stevie was not. (I take noooo blame for his distraction. I just coincidentally happened to be in MD this week to visit. Coincidentally.) I finally printed out a first draft of my manuscript for him to read. When I return to CO, I shall print out a few more and send them off to three other alpha readers.

And so the nervous waiting begins.

It’s an exciting stage in a scary process, but I dig it. The easy part, the creating part is all done now, leaving the worst of the worst yet to come! All the burdensome editing and written proof of my failings. xD it’s a strange concept, this offering of self up as a lamb to criticism’s slaughter.

Jessie Gutierrez AKA Not Stevie

PS: I dunno if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been super greedy with the details of my book. I am shy. But here’s a tidbit: it’s scifi set in an alternative present with two main POV characters, one’s a recently released convict, who had been in jail since she was a teenager, and the other’s a well educated man who walks away from a life of comfort in pursuit of truth.




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