Friday Write-Day: Feeling the Crunch

WVU’s men’s basketball team lost in the Sweet 16 last night to #1 Gonzaga. Despite being out-sized by Gonzaga’s inside players, WVU forced 13 turnovers and was tied with the Bulldogs 11 times throughout the game. It was neck and neck.

The Mountaineers have yet to truly “break through” in the Big 12 conference yet — it feels like they have to scrap to prove themselves every year. Kansas, despite losing to WVU at least once each of the last three years, continues to dominate the conference’s regular season. So for 4-seeded WVU, who placed 3rd in the top-heavy Big 12. I expected them to make the Sweet 16. Elite 8 would have been an awesome bonus, but I knew they would be underdogs.

That’s the funny thing about goals. Sometimes, even when we meet one goal, the shadow of another missed goal hangs over us.

My big goal this week was to break 100,000 words. I did not do that.

What I did achieve, however, was breaking 11,000 words written for the week. Last Friday, I intentionally set my goals high; if I made them, amazing! If not, hopefully I could still make some big progress.

My word count now sits at 98,700 words, but I have yet to actually finish that all-important middle section (this weekend, I swear!). My goal now is to reach 120,000 words before we leave on vacation for two weeks. That’s 21,000+ words in 11 days, or just under 2,000 words per day!

I’m setting my sights high so I can at least be satisfied in nearing my goal.

I hope the Mountaineers are proud of what they accomplished this season, because I’m proud as hell of them.

Writing Goal for 3/31: 13,000 words, 112,000 total

Steve D

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