15 on the 15th: “Now I’m rippin’ clothes, Not a hippie, no, I’m a District heathen”

Taxation without Representation is the District of Columbia’s motto. Clearly subtly is not their priority. 

RDGLDGRN – Million Fans

From referencing Georgetown to Go-Go, rdgldgrn happily reps their home. Plus they worked with Dave Grohl and he’s from just over the border in northern Virginia. We consider ourselves grouped together in the DMV.

Wale – Fashion Week

Born in DC, I included him on this list despite the fact that he moved to Maryland as a kid. He always seems such a DC artist to me.

Mambo Sauce – Welcome To DC

Fun fact: actual Mambo Sauce is delicious.

Minor Threat – Minor Threat

“I might be an adult, but I’m a minor at heart”

Fugazi – Waiting Room

On hiatus since 2003, many, many years before this graffiti in MD triggered my investigation into what exactly this ‘Fugazi’ was.

Vertical Horizon – Goodbye Again

Guess who formed while attending Georgetown University? These guys.

Thievery Corporation – Letter To The Editor


Girls Against Boys – Basstation

The Pietasters – Quicksand

God, this song is fun, despite the topic.

Ari Lennox – Backseat

Young Futura – Gypsy Woman

French producer meets DC rapper.

Priests – Pink White House

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure I like this song. TBD.

Den-Mate – Get Off The Stage

Hmmm found this group while looking for a 15th for this list. I dig it.

Darkest Hour – Love As a Weapon

“I’m at the mercy of all I say, I don’t give anything away”

Bad Brains – Banned in DC

Couldn’t help myself, had to end with this one…

Jessie Gutierrez

Special Mention goes to:
Duke Ellington
Food For Animals

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