Warden of Everfeld Character Spotlight: Aston

As I work through the final third of Manuscript: Beta for The Warden of Everfeld: Memento, I’d like to start introducing you to my characters.

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Character Spotlight: Aston

Name: Aston Fin’Orten

Age: 19

Physical Traits: Average height, lean build. Fair skin, light brown hair usually worn in a ponytail. Long, narrow face, hazel eyes, golden-brown beard around his mouth, little facial hair on his cheeks

Home: The Refuge; Aston was born in the small village of Pyndael before he and his mother fled during Second Redskael War, when Aston was 9.


  • Salaena Wilóbí – mother
  • Orten Fin’Asfirth – father, deceased when Aston was 9
  • Alrik Wilóbí – second-father
  • Alerik – half-brother, 6
  • Aelín – half-sister, 4

Occupation(s): dockworker; trainee in the militia of the Refuge

Aspirations: To become a renowned warrior like the older soldiers in the militia and fight to defend his home, as his father did. Aston loves Jaed and wants to marry her, but he feels that his first duty is to look after his mother and younger siblings, and second, to train with the militia.

When he is not otherwise occupied: Aston enjoys spending time with Jaed, the love of his life, and shooting his bow. He will also gladly have an evening pint at the Emerald Acorn with his friends.

Summary: Aston is a thoughtful young man who still has a lot to learn about Everfeld, his home. Robbed of many of the traditions Felding children typically experience due to his family fleeing the war, Aston often feels as if he has to prove himself to other Feldings, particularly in the militia. He is a good archer and a decent hunter, although he did not go on his first hunt until he was a teenager — quite late for Feldings. While his father’s death in the Second Redskael War still weighs heavily on him, Aston wants to be a part of something bigger. He’s just not quite sure what that is yet.

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