Saturday of Book Reviewing – Dracula

Cue the haunting intro music! This week I finally finished Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Written in 1897 by the Irish Stoker, this novel fueled so much of the culture we see today  that even without reading the book, most know the story.

And what a story it is. Gosh, ok, I wrote this on goodreads:

“I hesitantly confess that, despite my initial manic-like enthusiasm (or perhaps because of it), I found the beginning dreadfully slow moving. And then, a few chapters in, I found the creeping pace utterly enthralling. I completely invested, despite already knowing exactly where this all was headed.
So yeah. Loved this. Really gave a richer context to all those episodes of Buffy I watch… aka all of them. I’ve seen every episode. Obviously. WWBD.
Dracula is the source material for so much of the media I grew up loving and still enjoy. I’m really glad it lived up to expectations, cause I would not have survived the disappointment.
PS: Admittedly, there’s some badness involving how women are portrayed. BUT SILENCE NAYSAYERS, the story is still phenomenal and I will stake anyone who claims otherwise”

I kind of assume most of you folks have read the book or seen one of the movies, so I’m going to skip giving substantial details and just mosey along…

 Jessie Gutierrez


And Now: Time for trivia I found super interesting.

1. Van Helsing’s first name is Abraham and homie is a redhead. Also? Super talkative.


2. For Supernatural fans: Vampires and Winchesters!
“I have a kind of belief in a Winchester when there is any trouble of that sort around” says the Texan, Quincy Morris.


3. Dracula can control wolves. And while I envy this ability, I also now blame Stoker for this blatant anti-wolf propaganda in associating the evil Undead with fuzzy wilderness Huskies. Will no one leave the adorable fluff bundles alone???

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