The Night We Found 7 Stray Cats

So we had an interesting evening.

I was doing some yard work and heard a high-pitched sound coming from the garden. I honestly thought it was a frog. Upon investigation, I found a kitten! Present Wife and I immediately brought it inside, lined a cardboard box with rags, and tried to feed the kitten some milk. (We learned through The Google that cow’s milk is bad for kittens — let me finish.)

I decided to rush out to the nearest pet store to find cat milk, which I did not know was a thing. We have one dog and also take care of my sister’s adult cat. On my way to the store, Present Wife calls and tells me she found Mama Cat and five other kittens! We had just found an adventurous little scamp who had scurried away from Mama.

I don’t know much about cats (besides their ability to seduce one to the Dark Side with cuddles), but these kittens were tiny… maybe a few days old.

Present Wife got Mama and the Kittens into the cat carrier we have and gave some delicious (probably?) wet food to Mama. She wolfed down two containers, and her kittens immediately began feeding again, including Scamp. Mama was also wearing a flea/tick collar, but no tags.

I called a nearby pet hospital and asked if we could bring the litter in. So we brought them, and the vet tech might have wet her scrubs in excitement when she saw the kittens. Unfortunately, Mama is not micro-chipped. However, since she was wearing a collar and appeared to be in decent health, the hospital had to keep them and search for an owner. Standard protocol (I’m guessing).

So Scamp and Family are at the pet hospital for a few days. If no owner is found, Present Wife and I have already volunteered to foster the kittens. We have a screened-in porch and plenty of cat food for Mama to nurse her kittens. (Let me finish! We live in MD, so it’s plenty warm for them to hang on a covered porch for a couple of weeks.)

If no owner is found and we foster the litter — which I think is likely — we’ll be looking for adoptive families.

The Writing Life

So if you hadn’t guessed by now, I got 0 writing done tonight. My Friday Write-Day posts have become tiresome for me, so I can’t imagine how mundane they are for you!

I’ve decided to cut my Friday Write-Day posts to every other week until I finish my beta. I’ll fill in the blanks with other content that is less depressing than I didn’t write as much as I wanted to this week.

It was an unexpected day that ended on a cuddly feeling. Here’s to the first real weekend of summer!

Steve D

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