Remember to Write What You Love and Love What You Write

I’ve been a little too focused on just writing the last few weeks. I forgot for a moment that I was supposed to enjoy the process. The strict deadlines I had imposed on my word counts and finish dates were weighing down the writing itself.

It took an off-hand reminder from the lovely Jessie to remember: love what you write, and write what you love.

It seems obvious, but under the shadows of social media promotions, book dimensions, and distribution rights, it’s easy to forget why we stress over all of these things.

Because we love our books and we want as many people as possible to love them, too. But first thing’s first. How can we remember to love our writing?

How to Love What You Write

1. Follow a thread in a given scene just because it’s cool. Your characters are walking through a forest? What if that forest looked like a hallway? What if a particular creature dwelled there that posed a threat to them? What if they see it?! Write it, and see where it goes. Even if that thread does not turn into a narrative-shaping arc, it can still add depth to your story.

2. Make fun of your characters — or, at least, let your characters make fun of each other. That’s how people (yes, I’m assuming your characters’ species) talk to each other. They’ll laugh, you’ll laugh, and maybe your readers will laugh.

3. Make your characters argue. People argue all the time. Even a well-intentioned comment can be taken the wrong way by someone else. How do they react? How does the commenter react to their reaction? Does this damage or strengthen their relationship?

4. Start a fight for little to no reason. Getting chippy with the first person to make eye contact with you in a bar is a total asshole move… in real life. But in a book? It can make for an exciting and perhaps even funny brawl! (Can you tell that I enjoy physical comedy?)

Sometimes you just have to spice up your characters’ lives a bit. That has definitely helped me get back into a creative groove and laugh, cry, or fume right along with my characters.

So what do you think? How do you help yourself love your writing?

Steve D

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