Internet Update… from Home!

We have internet! I took a half day today so Verizon could come set up our modem and our handyman could work on another repair project.

I am now writing to you from my (hand-me-down) couch in our new house.

So why don’t I have a post ready? Because I’ve been working on little projects around the house every day, writing when I can, and reading to wind down. It’s not a bad life, to be honest. But I do miss trading likes and comments with my blogger friends.

As a feeble attempt to appease our ravenous fans, here are some photos of our actual house and some of the work we’ve done.Here is our huge living room from our couch. Note that the kitchen is freshly painted (a light green, since you can’t tell), and we have a brand new rolling buffet with all kinds of cool things for PW to play with. She’s the cook in the family.

Aaaaand then note that our living room is half furnished and half tools-and-boxes-strewn-everywhere. We’re getting there.

This is the huge closet we have under the stairwell. We don’t really have a foyer, so this will be the  utility/coat closet. I measured out plywood shelves and installed the brackets across the rear wall. The shelves are currently drying from a quick coat of white paint. The gap to the left is the vacuum cleaner’s home.

The right wall will hold matching 6″ shelves for all things house-like: light bulbs, batteries, garbage bags, secret stashes of emergency whiskey… You know, the essentials.

The left wall will hold a long coat rack. That’s a special piece I’m way too excited about. I’ll show that off once it’s finished.

Back to Blogging… Soonish

So that’s why I don’t have a real post. I promise I’m going to work actual blogging back into my schedule starting this week, once a lot of our more time-consuming projects are finished.

Hopefully, I will have a very important update about WoEM on Friday. Finally.

Steve D

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