Misplaced Missive #106 – Your Glass House

Cast your stones,
Your glass house,
Fell away long ago.
The sinner who fancies
Himself a saint,
Earns nothing but shame.

Like a plague, you infect everyone with
Your rage and your pain and
I think even your God would turn you away.
Where was he when you needed to be saved?
Nowhere near here; he never appeared.

Don’t you get it?
O’ ye of convenient faith,
Using your religion as a weapon.
False visions and evil intentions,
You’ll never reach Heaven.

No longer am I afraid.
I’ve accepted my fate,
And I’ll atone for my hate,
Because every day it grows:
A little stronger, A little louder
It’ll tower over your preaching,
Your lies and manipulating teachings.
It’s worth a little Hell,
To show you the light,
Cast by the flames.

Jessie Gutierrez

From now on, hopefully, all missives will be posted on Mondays. I missed this week so here’s this one in trade.


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