Misplaced Missive #104 – Cage

You belong in a cage,
Trapped with the other animals.
How dare you think yourself loved?
Is there any you wouldn’t place yourself above?
We you see beneath you,
We hate you, praise those,
That locked you away.
Pray for the day,
They lose the key and you remain,
Sealed in their steel kennel.

I’ve never been happier,
Than when I thought,
I’d never see you again.
So you tell yourself, that it’s:
Just me, Just her, Just them
Until it’s just everybody, but you.
When will you see through?
To the truth: We all hate you.

You’re nothing but cruel,
You are my monster,
My devil in disguise,
My prophet of lies,
My nightmare that can’t be chased,
Away by dawn’s early light.

My one wish, my one prayer,
Has been left unanswered,
As you are left un-snared.
I don’t want you to die;
I want you confined.
Imprisoned to atone,
For all your abuse, and all your lies.
If ever I was kind,
I don’t remember.
All I know, is all I desire:
For you to know the pain I’ve suffered.

Jessie Gutierrez

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