Haiku… Tuesday? – Lazy


Sometimes, being more

productive means doing the

bare minimum.

I know, I know, a haiku on a Tuesday? And I’m not even in the midst of an adventure!

I think my recent work trip took more of a mental toll than I thought when I returned last Thursday. I’ve actually been more productive at work, but I also haven’t had the same energy at home.

Part of me thinks it’s taken several days for me to unwind from the conference, rather than just an evening or a nice weekend at home. On Sunday evening, I had an inexplicable stomach ache and the chills, which came on so suddenly I was worried I had come down with the flu. But with one aspirin and the first decent sleep I’ve had in probably a week, I felt fine this morning.

The human body is a strange animal. Anyway, I didn’t have a particular post planned for today, and I’d rather focus on revising, so… here you go!

Steve D

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