Misplaced Missive #120 – Future Strangers and Never Again Friends

How long can we hold on,
To something so broken,
It no longer exists?
Something diminished to dust,
With all too quick fix ups,
Abrupt remedies, and
Corrupt intentions.

Some fences we aren’t meant to mend,
And some bridges were built to be burnt.
Some things have to hurt to be learnt,
And all stories will someday end.
We all say farewell to friends.
So as days turn to years,
It becomes easier to hear:
That some things aren’t forever.

How long will I tolerate,
this insecure, whimpering state,
That I’ve grown to hate?
We’re too late to save,
Maybe it’s always been fate,
For all this to fade.
‘Til we’re future strangers,
And never again friends.

Future strangers make way for eventual lovers.
Those whose love helps us to recover,
All the things lost or misunderstood.
It’s all for the best.
It’s all for the good.
Of growing up right.
Of growing up at all.

Jessie Gutierrez

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